DualSpray & ScanLube 2185

There is a lot to gain in increased product quality, machine efficiency and even saved lubrication if you are in control of the dilution and your DieLube!

In 2001, we developed and installed our first Proportioner - or mixing application - ScanLube 2185, for a large client in Germany. They wanted a controlled, very precise and monitored process. They got that with ScanLube by TEL Nordic!

The ScanLube applications have been running smoothly and without any stops at foundries across Europe since then.

ScanLube 2185 has been very successful among leading high pressure die casters. Obviously, ScanLube 2185 has been upgraded continuously, and today we are still installing these across Europe.

However, some clients have been asking for another proportioner, a more flexible and mobile unit, which can supply both large and smaller die casting machines, and a proportioner that can supply both MicroSpray and traditional DieLube.

Therefore, we are happy to announce that we are now launching 'Dual Spray'.

Please take two minutes to watch the video above, and get a real understanding of the controlled and monitored lubrication you get with DualSpray. 

Controlled and monitored process

The process of spraying DieLube needs to be in control, so that we know the temperature is right and the volume is the same in every cycle. 

DualSpray and ScanLube provides a 0,01% precision in the dilution. Also, the liquid pressure and volume is monitored and documented.

With ScanLube or DualSpray we provide more parameters to control your die cast than ever before!

ScanLube 2185 provides a centralized DieLube mix for all die casting machines using the same dilution.

ScanLube 2185 has a high capacity of more than 85l per minute.

DualSpray is the flexible mobile unit, which is easy to set up and operate.

DualSpray has a capacity of 20l per minute and can supply up to four die casting machines.

Flexible, mobile
 & high capacity


DualSpray is the latest development from TEL Nordic.
It contains the same features as ScanLube, but is a smaller and mobile unit, which can be moved around easily, and which is suitable for both large and small die casting machines.

DualSpray is operated from a user friendly 7" touch-screen, and is quick to deploy, stop and re-deploy.

DualSpray will give you all the flexibility you desire in your production!

Both ScanLube 2185 and DualSpray supplies traditional DieLube, but with DualSpray you also get the choice of using MicroSpray.

Having the flexibility to use conventional DieLube and MicroSpray together helps getting the MicroSpray running for a longer time or to manufacture more complicated parts.


This way, it is quick to get good result with MicroSpray!

Micro Spray and traditional DieLube

Interchangeable, quality components

All TEL Nordic applications are designed using high quality components from branded manufacturers such as: 

  • Siemens
  • Grundfos
  • SICK
  • Festo

All components are interchange-able. If a component breaks, just order a new from TEL Nordic and you are up and running in no time!


ScanLube is a centralized, fully automatic high capacity DieLube mixing application (proportioner) that provides a very precise dilution.
ScanLube will also give you a monitored and documented process. If the dilution exceeds the defined limits, an audio/video alarm is activated so the problem can be delt with.

ScanLube has been produced since 2001 and has helped HPDC foundries to achieve less stops, increased product quality, less waste and a significant reduction in lubrication usage.

If you'd like to see a demo of DualSpray and/or ScanLube, please get in touch with us, and we'll be happy to pay you a visit.



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