In the Technology business area, we cover various types of advisory, general consultancy services and specific service-tasks for our clients:


Many die casters focus on having a short production cycle and to do as many die casted parts per hour as possible!

What TEL Nordic is aiming for is a stable process that generates as many good quality parts as possible.


Having a stable process will give you the same quality day after day...
                              ...and as a result of this you can predict the production volume accurately.

A stable die casting process requires reliable and constant parameters:  

  • The temperature of the die has to be kept at a constant level.
    In order to obtain that, you need to monitor and control the internal die cooling and simultaneously keep the same spray program.

  • The DieLube is equally important to control, so that the manufacturer's recommendations are followed.
    In this window the DieLube is working best, and will secure the best wetting,
    antibacterial protection, protection against aluminium pressure and optimal cooling effect.
    Pressure of the DieLube also have a big effect on the wetting and by that on the cooling effect.

  • The Plunger system is most effective with the right amount of plunger oil or granulate in order to make the friction between shotsleeve and plunger constant.
    In addition, cooling of the plunger is also imperative.

The above is our main concern and focus when called in to assist with Die Casting optimization.


When supplying DieLube to die casting machines, you have the choice of a central piped system , like ScanLube 2185, or a mobile unit, like our new DualSpray.
Using a central pipe line system to all machines require maintenance and cleaning of the system.  Twice per year, we provide desification and cleaning of the pipeline system as part of a Service- & Maintenance agreement.
TEL Nordic will provide all the necessary chemicals, manpower and know-how needed for this process.


To the customers using our Scanlube Equipment we offer monthly service. We take care of the proportioner, do the cleaning, change spare parts when necessary and perform calibration, so the machinery is optimized.
TEL Nordic only use spare parts from well-known quality suppliers, such as Grundfos, Siemens, FICK and Festo. We make sure to keep stock of the most used spare parts and can usually deliver on day-to-day basis.

TEL Nordic usually commit to a 'fixed cost per month'-service agreement included all material and spare parts. 

To learn more about TEL Nordic's Technology - our advisory & optimization, service and maintenance business - please get in touch with us.

Lars Skogstad
CEO & Founder

Lars Skogstad is a Danish engineer who founded TEL Nordic more than 20 years ago, after a carrier in die casting. He has more than 30 years' experience in working with foundries, high pressure die casters and companies who use cutting processes.

If you desire assistance from Lars Skogstad, please contact us.



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